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we're live now with the latest. ama? >> investigators continue to process the crime scene we have new information tonight. the fbi releasing photos of the people they believe may be responsible for the bombings. today authorities released these pictures of two suspected bombers. >> suspect one is wearing a dark hat. suspect two wearing a white hat. >> authorities need the public's help to find them. the individuals as friends, neighbors, co-workers are family members. so it may be difficult. the nation is counting on those with information to come forward to provide it to us. >> at a mechl yil service the president drew tears but cheers when he told the city of boston just days after marathon they'll finish the
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race. >> we'll all be with you as you learn to stand and walk, and yes, run again. of that i have no doubt you will run again. >> the cathedral was packed with members of the community. they heard are fr a diverse group of religious leaders. and this pledge from the president. >> to those who carried this out and anyone who would do harm to our people, yes, we'll find you. and yes... you'll face justice. >> i showed the pictures of the suspect to people gathered here, coming up at 5:00 i'll have the reaction for you. if you'd like to take a look just go to abc 7 >> a, wel ok f y at 5:00. three people who died in the
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attacks. mr. obama spoke with doctor skbrorz nurses two -- who treated the wounded and visited some of the injured. seven people remain in critical condition but that is down from 14 yesterday. the bombingt people to the hos 120 of them have been sent home to continue recovery. >>ere a michelle obama visiting1-year-old aaron hern. his family e mailed thus photo. he was waiting at the finish line to watch his mother cross it when he was severely injured in monday's bombings. his mom tells us her son is dramatically improving. he suffered a deep thigh wound and other injuries. he's now breathing on his own and neck brace and breathing tube have been removed. she says they're looking forward to getting him into therapy. several local fund-raisers are taking place for the family in martinez swrechl a full list
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on our web site. >> and one way to show your support is to share this get well soon badge on your facebook page by going to our page. >> adidas selling these tee shirts to honor the vips. both have boston stands as one written on them. all proceed goes to the one fund a boston charity created by the mayor and governor to help victims of monday's attack. >> now latest developments out of texas. usa today is reporting the mayor of west texas told them as many as 35 people died from that massive explosion at the fertilizer plant there. >> we do know 10 were first responders. crews are searching for survivors. two pieces of video detail the violence of the blasts.
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>> 16 other people are injured and 35eople dead. he>> damage massive. the plant has been leveled. 75 homes have been damaged along with 75 businesses and a 50-unit apartment complex. rescuers compared damage to what they saw in the 1995 oklahoma city bombing. survivors are just happy to live through this. >> i'm alive so i'm happy. >> it's a bomb that picked you up, took your breath away and dropped you. >> my wife is alive. my bomb, dad. -- mom, my dad. we're beat up but alive. >> people are lined up and ee explosion so risk
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management program in place. >> abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is in west texas and will have live reports coming up at 5:00 and0. she's tweeting updates at laura anthony 7. >> on this anniversary of the 1906 earthquake the red cross took the opportunity to remind people about preparing for a disaster. >> yes. we took the opportunity to ask officials how prepared they believe they are for next big one. we're live in san francisco with more on that for us. heather? >> there is an event where fema was honoring the red s and p kb. and e. and one of the things they're handing out was this map your block booklet. there are instructions on how important it is to get the know people on your block, maybe their equipment they might have that could be useful after a disaster is just one of the things we should be thinking about in getting prepared.
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>> it was bill aid prep rally and with star power the real draw to get attention was former 4 jerry rice and kristi yamaguchi. >> the bay area needed a lot more than a first aid kit. so did the victims of this week's horrifying boston bombings. the national red cross executive director of communsays survival kits are good but the important thing you need to do have a family plan. >> letting your loved ones know you're okay. whether through going to a meeting place or sending a text message. that is the most important thing douk. >> the fire chief says first
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responders are learning and paying attention to incidents in other cities. >> our hearts go out to victims in boston and tragedies in texas. we just remain focused on being compassionate for those who suffer losses. >> and the department of emergency services says the city come light years from loma prieta when this coordinating body didn't exist. >> as far as ability to coordinate resources and work together across all of the publcies that work with th getting there. we've got it. >> at the back of that booklet there are instructions to tuck a couple band aids in. they might come in handy to hang a sign like this in the window. or... this.
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if you're doing all right. you can pick u the booklets at the san francisco office of emergency services. >> heather, thank you. >> a suspicious package forced a tritio this morning. aity guard discovered an abandoned backpack just before the commemoration of the 1906 earthquake and fire. the bomb squad moved in and ceremonies shifted two blocks to union square. >> we shut down the area, swept the 700 block of market where the command post was. then, made sure that the device was harmless, which it was. >> we came from orange county and we're all dressed up so we're upset. then we found out it was here, we came and enjoyed the festivities. >> the spray painting did go on as planned. historians call it little giant because it continued to
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display water. >> homeowner of buildings like these in san francisco will have to spend thousands of dollars to pay for earthquake retro fits. the mayor signed the program into law today requiring soft story buildings to undergo seismic retro fits within seven years. these are building was housing units above open spaces like garages. these structures suffered most damage during the 1989 earthquake. staff will start evaluating buildings in the fall and alert home owners of the work they need to do. >> on the peninsula, volunteers went house to house part of a drill to get ready for a -- get first responders ready for emergencies. the teams dropped baginformatiog in south san francisco f area had been hit with a chemical attack or pandemic the teens wouldopng off supplies tooseheltering in plac department was tracking how fast we're going door to
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door today so they can get a feel for how long it might go door to door to distribute medications. >> they have stockpiled medical supplies so quicken the response. >> california emergency man many agency sen couraging everybody to be ready for any possible type of natural hazard. >> we shou all have emergency kits stockpiled with items including battery operated radios and flashlights, batteries, a three day supply of food and water for everyone in the family and a can opener. >> prepare nor cal's guidelines are posted on abc 7 under see it on tv. we have to take this for granted. we talk about are you ready? am i ready? i mean, you know, you just put it off, then, when you need it, you're in trouble. >> yes. truly is the time to get skpreepd we have more information on our web site. >> let's turn to the forecast
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and weekend weather which is looking nice. >> yes. spencer chose a good day to be off. skies clear. it's a beautiful day from our east bay hills camera. we're looking across the bay. it's sunny skies outside. temperatures now look like this, san francisco, 62 degrees a mild 72 in oakland. 75 in san jose. half moon bay, enough of a sea breeze to keep you into the mid-50s now. san jose enjoying then here. and here are the temperatures in otherrts of the bay area, 78 jant rosa. it's 77 degrees in napa and 78 degrees in los gatos, here is a look at the evening and beyond. this evening, clear skies, mid-50s to upper 60s. tomorrow morning starting out chris skpp cool. low 40s to low 50s. afternoon feature sunshine and high clouds and mild temperatures with low 6s to low 80s, going to start cooking around here, i'll let you know when dwoitsing to feel like summer in just a few
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minutes. >> thank you. >> and still ahead at 4:00 we're getting new details today about the teenagers arrested in connection with the death of a san jose paramedic. >> plus, check out these pictures. a sink hole swallowing up cars one by one by one. we'll show you what happens next, then after 4:30... >> warriors flag is flying over oakland city hall. celebrating team's entry into the playoffs. that, perhaps signaling determination to keep the team from leaving town. i'm carolyn tiler and i'll have that story coming up. >> and taking a look at traffic right now on the san francisco skyway making your way south out of the city traffic is moving smoothly. but moving towards east bay it's slow going at 4:13. stay with us. ight back.
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a sixth teenager has been arrested in the murder of a san jose paramidic. quinn boyer was shot and killed as he drove through the oakland hills.e tns range from 6 years old. the new suspect is just 13 years old. the district attorney says the teens killed boyer during an attempted car jacking. police identified christian burton as the shooter, he was charged as an adult and could face life in prison. >> w bak news out of oakland, sky 7 hd over the
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scene of a drive byoting in front of castlemont high school that happenedt 2:30 today. pulled up and opened fire. you can see the back window of the parked car shot out, a woman and a child in that car ran inside of the school. it's not clear if they're inside of the car when hit. police say no one was injured in the shooting. >> uc berkeley named its new police chief. marco bennett has been a captain with the uc police department more than 35 years. her law enforcement experience ranges from community policing work to investigating major crimes at the federal level. bennett plans to work with the students, faculty and staff to try to build relationships across campus. >> corporate earnings a disappointment today and twitter has a new music feature. >> microsoft reporting third quarter earnings today exyeeting
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estimates the company able to control cost amid weak demand for windows 8 personal computer s reporting revenue of income that rose 19% year over year. in other earnings news, verizon seeing a surge in smart phone users, hoping the company boost higher revenue. the company added 677,000 contract customers. the average monthly bill up slightly as customers use more data. notnction with iphone. google says the glass must be connected to an android phone to send text messages or run gps. iphone users will be able to make phone calls, video chats and search internet with the glasses. disappointing earnings from
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companies including united health and ebay leading stock market sell off today. as for your bloomberg silicon valley index it was lower on the weakness and shares of apple and ebay as mentioned. twitter introducing a music app letting music play songs that is currently available for apple users to down load. other companies trying to keep users on their sites for longer stretches, the name of the game. carolyn, larry >> thank you. >> maybe spring here but a massive rain storm is leaving behind a huge mess in parts of the mid west and plains. >> watch the car on the righthand side of the screen. this took place in chicago
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south deering neighborhood. one person was sent to the hospital. y he road buckled and car just caved in with pavement. other two cars were parked at the time >> thousands bng evacuated as heavy flooding prompted illinois governor to emergency.state of t seven inches of rain has fallen in 24 hours in one suburb of chicago workers used life rafts to rescue school children from a stranded bus. 600 flights have been delayed. >> nothing but sunshine heading into the weekend. >> we're looking at 90s showing up into the bay area by monday. we're going to start to feel summer like heat. we'll talk about our weather here and this is benign. skies are clear across the bay area, hope you're enjoying nice weather. clear skies, cool night,
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mother mild day tomorrow. warmer weather on sunday and monday before you can see temperatures backing off a bit. here is the area of low pressure brought us a warm up today. our dry pattern continues with warm days starting on sunday so we're going see inland communities feeling warmth here. temperatures sim tloor today, low 40s to low 50s so you'll need an extra layer first thing in the morning. 43 in santa rosa in sanat santa, 48 in san jose. 5:00 a.m. starts off clear. and then, as the day goes on we can see high clouds coming through the bay area but other than that, about a 20 degree spread.
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80s inland like today. not expecting very much if the way of change. so tomorrow afternoon, 81 in the south bay. peninsula, you're looking at blue skies, 75 palo alto. coastal areas into low 60s. sunset district, 61. low 60s along coast mid to upper 70s, clear lake 75 along with vallejo. east bay it's going to be a beautiful, sunny day. inland areas, get you up to 80s in antioch. accu-weather forecast little change right on throughout saturday. we'll see low clouds coming back to the coast z then, sunday is when you'll notice bayside and inland communities coming up. mid-80s into warmer spots. low 90s by monday.
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temperatures drop off wednesday and thursday. >> thank you. >> up next the unlikely rescuer that came to the aid of this tiny dog. >> and then new aft 4:3. >> race is or. finished the race. a school principal just minutes from finishing the marathon when the bombs went off.
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you heard the saying raining like cats and dogs. in ohio a cat is being praised for saving a dog's live. >> yes. take a look at izzy. a big dog attacked izzy after she wandered from a backyard. it had izzy in its south and oammy the cat sprang int action. >> this big dog saw the cat dropped izzy and took o after the cat. the cat got away up the tree and saved this dog's live. >> the medical team believes she'll make a full recovery. we don't know whether or not sammy was intent on distracting the bigger dog. >> just snooping around. >> let's give sammy credit. >> we will, but i questioned the same thing. >> time magazine released a list of 100 most influential people in the world today. >> there will be seven
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separate covers each featuring a member of the list featuring jennifer lawrence, jay-z, and pakistani teen activist. >> president obama on the list for the 8th time more than any other person on the list this, concludes 35 people. >> still ahead updating you on two developing stories out of boston and texas. >> also a warning from a scientist about disasters like the one in texas. why he says public safety is being compromised. >> more stories from of the boston marathon. emergency workers that ran what they say about the scene. >> and a measure under consideration to keep
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major new developments in boston. the fbi released photos and fid video two of men they call suspects in monday's attack. >> take a look at the pictures you can see the men in these photos. a video shows the men walking together. fbi agents believe these men left the bombs near the finish line. the suspects considered armed and dangerous, anyone who
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knows about them is urged to ll the fbi. >> we're tracking developments in the fertilizer plant explosion. the death count from the plant explosion will likely lies riz a magnitude 2.1. leveling a four block area surrounding the plant. 160 people are wounded. you're looking at a live picture now of some of the destruction in west. rescuers are still searching the rubble for survivors here. >> i rise in the wake of two great tragedies a terrorist attack reminds us ofthe risk but i ask americans pray for the communities. >> in with a washington, d.c. bill flores recognized the
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bravery of the first responders and volunteer who's acted quickly to help those in need. >> those workers who treated the injured say it took 18 minutes to clear the streets of critical victims and send them to the hospital. they ran into the danger with others. >> in 32 years as an emt can't prepare someone for a horror like this. >> the city's worst day in our department autos mike has been saving lives since he2 monday he was the finish line commander in charge of response to the terrorist attacks. he saw worst of it. >> i al three fatalitiescluding.
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>> you saw martin? >> yes. other kids were hurt. kids looked like my kids when they were growing up kimberly, robert and christopher were alongside him, unwilling to leave no matter the danger. >> i was right there, right next to, very close to where the explosion was. and just hoping it was an accident. and everyone was just -- well... >> that came out seeing services. they triaged patients brought them to several hospitals across the city that allowed hospitals to step up to take care of the patients. >> what is the best thing you saw that day? >> of just general public. strangers helping other
4:33 pm
strangers. people had no train and just wanted to help. >> and i can't believe some people are still there. yes. >> people look for heroes. in kbrochbt you just have to look next to you. >> we saw the best of humanity. >> if i would could, boy give them medals. >> their actions a big reason more did not die. owe a berkeley scientist is warning we're seeing growing number of abc 7 mark tthews is in the newsroom now. >> i did. he spent the last years teaching chem story. when a fertilizer plant blows up it's
4:34 pm
on his radar. he sees a link to other industrial disasters closer to home. the plant in the central texas town of west combined nitrogen and hydrogen into ammonia fertilizer autos under high temperatures and pressure you can get hydrogen out of the natural gas to combine with nitrogen in the air and make ammonia. >> it involves hazardous materials at high temperatures and pressure. and is accompanied by high demand for the products. >> the degree is not high buzz of the lack of man power, there are not very many people monitoring these things. >> a pat yesh is emerging. >> we have pg&e explosion. we have the refinery fire. >> saying increasing demand should come within increased demand for safety. >> what does tha
4:35 pm
more demand and replacing things more frequently than you mightwi. >> hysrd to pull investment for those things because peoplen businesses believe the right after this sk low. >> this is whyeoe drive without seat belts. we're seeing a pattern of the industries producing high demand products, it's happening more. >> coming up, what a bay area lawmaker is proposing to help reduce industrial disasters is part of the story we're working on for abc 7 news at 6:00. >> the man accused of sengd a right after thisin-laced letter to president obama says he is insechblt he appeared in a courtroom in oxford mississippi today charged with two federal counts of threatening the president and other elected officials.
4:36 pm
officials say curtis mailed letters containing ricin to president obama, senator roger wicker and a judge in mississippi. >> the debate over abortion raged for years and a san francisco sidewalk has become a battle ground for those facing off. allen wong is there as they are arguing over their rights. >> the current ruling is that abortion opponents have to stay eight feet away from potential clients but that hasn't been working out because they've been camped out in front of the door putting them inontact withientso the door. now the safety committee is recommending a 25-foot buffer zone. >> never intimidated anyone. i offer them pamphlets with places to get help. abortionppee their interaction was phone shall cliens compassionate
4:37 pm
counseling but abortion rights supporters say the sidewalk protests is tantamount to bullying. >> because of the harassment many people walk through doors crying and confused by pamphlets they've been given full of medical misinformation. >> both sides spoke to a committee recommending a 25 foot buffer zone in front of the entrance in front of the only planned parenthood clinic in san francisco preventing rotestors from standing or parking in front of the building and likely place them on the other side of valencia street. >> 25 feet is if anything, encourages yelling. i think they're going to be yelling louter. >> having an abortion isn't an easy decision, it's tough. it makes it more difficult when you have such -- proestors yelling at you. >> other cities enacted larger
4:38 pm
buffer zones of 300 feet. san francisco has a history of protecting rights of free speech. the question is whether or not it's infringing on a person's reproductive rights. the proposal will go to the board in the next few weeks. there are a lot of passionate speakers up there. tonight at 6:00 more of the debate at city hall. >> still ahead a special. principal didn't get to complete the boston marathon. what students and teachers made sure she got the medal. >> i'm sandhya patel. you can see the coast is clear, sunny skies from coast to inland. and warmer weather is coming up. i'll have more straight ahead. >> another live look. you can see it's starting to back up.
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oncoming traffic is northbound. that is slowing down a bit. a lot better for folks heading
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anyone not able to finish the boston marathon because of the bombings but a group of kids made sure one principal got to finish the race. >> her students high fived her
4:42 pm
as she completed it inside of the school near detroit. >> we all felt bad she couldn't finish the 26.2 miles so we decided we'd help her finish the.2. >> it's incredible. the students are just, they make everything, win or lose, it doesn't matter. they make everything worth it. >> she crossed an improvized finish line. there she goes. she received a medal she was supposed to get after come ploting the marathon on monday. >> it's a nice tuch neelt idea. >> spencer christian is off and sandhya patel tracking weather. >> yes. weekend weather looking fabulous with gorgeous today as well. no moisture out there. it's clear outside. not the case in other parts of the count trit f you're traveling friday you can see delays back east. you notice a storm system moving through. 69 in new york, washington, d.c. 81 degrees.
4:43 pm
and we're looking at r a warm 83 degrees in phoenix. 89 in palm springs. eureka, 56. it's nothing but sunshine, yosemite, tahoe very mild conditions here in the bay area we're going to repeat the weather from tomorrow so temperatures very similar, 75 clear lake. out towards antioch a mild 08 degree day. 78 in san jose. and 81 in morgan hill. weather looking great. take a look at the forecast as they take on padres. 715, 59 degrees. temperatures dropping to
4:44 pm
mid-50s and will get breezy. just take a light jacket if you're going. beyond that starts to warm up getting up up into mid-90s to low 90s range into monday. >> warm. >> yes. >> thank you. >> up next new work incentives more companies are giving out instead of raises or bonus autos and leave cash at home. how paying with a dij
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fid poisoning from a bacteria from raw paultry are up. a study released today says cases grew associated with eating raw or under cooked poultry as well as contaminated water causes stomach pain and fever that last about a week. the study part of a food safety report card for the country. >> smokingco t a hookahexposes y mix of toxins.
4:48 pm
a study found higher levels of carbon monoxide and benzene by product in the blood and urine of the hookah smokers. the study was published in cancer epidemiology bio markers and prevention. >> in a tough economy workers may not be getting raises or bonuses they'd like but they're getting gift cards. incentive research foundation says about two thirds of the companies now use gift cards to give employees a pat on the back. research shows almost half of the companies say they use them as holiday bonuses buying in bulk saves the company money with most cards valued from 25ses today 150s oodz consumer reports partnered with 7 on your side for a report on the newest ways to pay at the register. >> over the last year more people are paying for stuff by waving, sliding or tapping
4:49 pm
their phones. more apps offering ways to way. they're called digital wallets. consumer reports money advisor take a look at several to see if you can leave your wallet at home. >> marisa is paying using square wallit's digital application. >> i hate caring -- carrying a lot of things. i find doi have a phone on me. it's simple. >> star bucks is one of the hundreds of thousands of businesses that have signed up for square wallet, sque is compatible and consumer reports money advisor says it's pretty easy to use. but other wallets are not accessible. >> google wallet isn't available on iphones and only work with some service providers. they also require a wireless technology only some stores can use. >> some apps only link with a
4:50 pm
few cards. so you may need to link to a prepaid card can incur fees that may mean you zront best protections if you lose your phone or someone breaks into your accounts. >> prepaid cards whether in the hand or phone have no guarantee prod texs against unauthorized transactions. you can lose whatever balance son the car. >> still, if you like leaving your wallet home, consumer reports says use an app like square that links to a credit card. consumer reports says be sure to report lost phone right away. skpf course, also inform your carrier so it can disable the phone. >> still ahead, oakland celebrating the playoff bound warriors as the team looks to move out of the east bay. >> what the mayor has to say
4:51 pm
about e autos coming up erthe are fertilizer plants in northern california coming up, who is oerseei th? and concerns p living near the plants arees ght. plus trickle down affect of the government sequester. why 400,000 californians will be hard hit by cut backs in just weeks. those stories and more for you coming up today at 5:00 but 6ñxs
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here at 8:00 wife swap followed by gray's at 9:00 then join us back here for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> welcome news to report out of children's hospital oakland about the 5-year-old boy we told but yesterday undergoing a life saving bone marrow transplant today. the family of young collin mcfadden tells abc 7 news the surgery went well. he was able to get the transplant from his brother
4:55 pm
who flew in from vietnam for the operation. doctors say his brother is a perfect match for collin. >> playoff tickets for warriors went on sale today. >> yes. their hometown celebrated as team owners are moving forward. >> abc 7 news with more now. a pep rally at oakland city center celebrated warriors on the way to the playoffs for the first time since 2007. the mayor sounding like a cheerleader than warriors girls. >> only thing i want to know is that if chamoakland. so can we work on that? >> oakland is realing from the decision to pull up stakes and move across the bay. the team hopes to build an arena on the san francisco water front this week backers gathered at san francisco city
4:56 pm
ha.formerr was there supporting the plan saying oakland is a great city. >> as long as the team doesn't move out of california, i think it's a good thing. >> kwan raising the warriors flag over city hall is sig naming she's not giving up. >> is this a way of saying to san francisco it ain't over yet? >> i always say it's never over. so... oakland has advantages in terms of our location. the reality is that city wants the team. >> she points to organized opposition in san francisco over the water front plan. but in a statement today sanment says we intend to build a state of the art venue in time for 2017-2018 season. we've not deviated from the plans. the warriors will take to oakland arena for playoffs and
4:57 pm
beyond until their lease expires mayor kwan said you'll hear about efforts to keep the warriors in town. >> it is a delicate balancing act. you can play five more years in oakland trying to get thicks done in san francisco. warriors have best fans in nba. loyal. >> fans are excited now playoffs are on. >> yes. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with cheryl and dan. >> thank you. developing news. fbi releases photos of two men monday's boston marathon blast. >> a new suspect in the murder of a bay area paramedic z video led police to him. >> i'm sandhya patel.
4:58 pm
mild today. i'll have temperatures coming up. >> new developments tonight in the boston marathon bombings, fbi looking for two men they believe were responsible. >> a community devastated the death toll is rising in a town where a neighborhood is demolished by an explosion. good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> we have reporters live on both stories. laura anthony is live in the town of west tex twechl a look at the devastation there. >> we begin with the latest on the search for suspects. >> it's now 8:00 here in boston. the investigation continues down at the sight of the bombings as the fbi releases pictures of those who may be responsible swrechl a first look at the suspects in the boston marathon bombings. fbi released these images of two men they say appear to be
4:59 pm
associated. >> suspect one is wearing a dark hat, suspect two, a white suspwo setow a sendexosion just in front of the form restaurant. >> the fbi considered them armed and dangerous and are hoping someonere cognizes them. >> seone out there knows these individuals as friends, neighbors co-workers or family members. it may be difficult the nation is counting on those with information to come forward and provide it to us. >> i showed the photos to people gathered around a memorial. >> for noah this is personal. >> i saw the two kids at the school. martin and jane. >> martin richard is the 8-year-old boy till kiled on the day of the bombings. he hopes someone remembers seeing the suspects. >> i can't wait to bring these
5:00 pm
people to understand why, why they would take the live 6 an 8-year-old ask leg of a 6-year-old. and almost kill their mother. >> as soon as images were released it's all over the twitter verse as they say people out here were looking at pictures hoping someone could recognize those two men and people will continue to add their flowers and balloons and message that's stud grents a nearby college left on this barricade. >> president obama told people of

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